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Hi, my name is Amna Khan.

I'm a Graphic Designer with a passion for design. As an East Stroudsburg University graduate, I earned my Graphic Design B.F.A. in the Spring of 2022. Through my educational career I was led to an internship at the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau where I learned many valuable skills that built on my experience as designer. It also gave me a look into the world of Marketing, Social Media Management, and much more!


For as long as I can remember, art has always been a medium for expressing my creativity. When I chose to explore graphic design in High School, I discovered the way to incorporate my art into a growing digital landscape. Although I love the process of creating fine art I can admit that I was especially captivated by the ability of graphic design to create such polished work, with the right digital tools and skills. These tools and skills have become an asset of mine as I continue to nurture my passion for design. The experience and execution of these skills that I have established can be seen in the work I have done. The expansive nature of a career in design makes me want to pursue many different paths, but I like to think that each path converges.


As a designer I have experience in many avenues of design. One of those avenues is creating patterns and designs that are both beautiful and functional. My designs express who I am and what I love, and they draw inspiration from the world around me. Whether I am working on a custom project for a client or simply indulging in a passion project, I put all my creativity and energy into every design I create. If any of my designs fit your style I would love it if you considered purchasing them to add to your collection!

Thank you so much for wanting to know a little more about me and taking the time to look through my portfolio.

If my work interests you please feel free to contact me!

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